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Within about an hour and a half, I was buy mesos maplestory 2  already level 20 and could eliminate my enemies with a few attacks. If you're looking for a challenge, then this isn't the place.Controlling your character and moving around the world is also not great, you go at a walking pace and although the digital d-pad is pretty responsive it may often be faked leaping up platforms.The game tries to remedy this issue with an auto-quest button, you tap it and it'll walk you in which you need to go, and even automatically fight the monster you need to conquer.


Obviously, auto-questing is completely optional, however, the battle is so shallow and samey that sometimes you simply need the computer to do it for you, at which point you may as well be playing.MapleStory M is a successful port of a genre which does not feel good to play on mobile. It is quite impressive to see the full MapleStory world that originated on PC come to cellular, but the game isn't hard enough and a slog to get through.


It is ironic that the solutions MapleStory M uses to make the Maplestory2 Items  game easier to play mobile frequently mean that you'd rather allow the game do everything.If you want to know what the best MapleStory 2 classes are then you have to have a look at this post. In this listing of class levels of Maplestory 2 we will introduce one to the most powerful and weakest Heroes now in the Steam version of this game.


Because of the massive influx of new players, we've prepared a guide that shows the best category of beginners and also the strongest construction.Bear this in mind: All courses are more than viable for occasional players, but for some of you who enjoy when it comes to being aggressive. Therefore, we have prepared this List of Course Amounts for Maplestory 2.Heavy Gunner is the king of this long-range DPS with high-end gears into the maximum.

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