the alternative program to try for you


Is proud to present an Effective & Efficient New Program with total Flexibility benefits to meet your needs.

A new training program designed by our team of experienced and certified trainers. This program is tailor-made to provide other options in practice that can be combined with EMS training from 20FIT.

There are two levels of Alternate Program, basic and advanced level. Member must perform a physical test (fitness test) first before joining in this exercise program. For the basic level, members will be guided by our certified trainers to develop stamina and improve physical condition utilizing regression training, which focuses on conditioning & stability.

Entering the advanced level, members will have the flexibility to choose and design an exercise program based on the three options below:


Fitbox is a martial art that originated in Thailand and uses the body as its weapon and is currently packed in a fun sport that develops in the fitness industry and can be done by anyone.


FITRX is a Suspension Training system, a type of fitness exercise using a rope made of nylon. So users make weight as exercise material. Suspension training can also be said as bodyweight exercise. Some of the benefits of this training system are helpful in enhancing core strength, improving balance and flexibility and also good at strengthening muscles and joints at the same time.


FITMETS More Than Just Regular Sports

FITMETS is a functional, specially designed metabolic training program that is to maximize burn calories with a combination of high intensity and high volume training. This program uses several training methods such as AMRAP (As many as as reps as possible), EMOM (Every minute on minute), etc. This method will challenge and encourage members to build strong stamina, increase metabolism, eliminate Fat in the body, improve posture, and flexibility and mobility.

The Alternate program will help members to reach their own personal goals quickly, effectively and efficiently without getting bored with the training routines. The main strength of the program lies in the flexibility and variety of exercises designed according to the member's preferences as well as the physical condition of each member.

Each Alternate Program session lasts 40 minutes in which members will be trained by one or two trainers. The trainers will design the specifics and record the progress of the members. One Alternate Program package consists of 8 sessions. After each Alternate package has been completed, members will get a record of their training progress and can be discussed with each trainer according to the initial goals and physical progress of each member.

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