Appetite loss is the sign of aging


The food menu is always diverse and everything is definitely appetizing. If feeling healthy but not appetizing to see good food, be careful because these symptoms can also indicate the start of the aging process.

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According to a recent study at Yale School of Medicine, loss of appetite can be triggered by the activity of free radical compounds. The compound known as trigger cancer comes from impurities in the body that can accelerate cell damage.

The aging process occurs because cells are damaged, so some organs experience decreased function and performance. Not only in the body, the impact of cell damage can also be observed on the surface for example when it began to be decorated with wrinkles and looks dull.

Scars of cells and some organs are also associated with various types of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Because the function of organs are impaired, the body's metabolic system is disrupted so it is susceptible to typical diseases in the elderly.

In relation to appetite, researchers have recently revealed that increased free radicals cause changes in the part of the brain that regulates appetite. The nerve triggering satiety called melanocortin has increased activity so that no appetite.

Melanocortin that lies in the hypothalamus of the brain regulates the release of leptin and glucose compounds. Both are needed to regulate when the body must feel hungry and when it feels full, so avoid overeating (overeating).

"On the one hand, decreased appetite due to increased free radicals can prevent obesity, but on the other hand, these compounds trigger cell damage if it contaminates the body constantly," said Prof. Sabrina Diano who led the study as quoted from Dailymail, Tuesday / 8/2011).

Fortunately the aging process that is triggered by free radicals can be counteracted with the antioxidant compounds contained in many fruits and vegetables. Vitamins and phytochemical compounds in it is an antioxidant that can ward off cancer and slow the aging process.

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