Battlefield 4 (Multiplayer): games review


the Battlefield series is different from most military FPS shooter competitors is the fact that it is designed to present a battle situation that demands cooperation among gamers , rather than each individual greatness . The system itself is built in such a way to offer so many alternative points of each action you took . Not just blindly attack and kill as many enemies of the opposing team , but it actually plays a role that is needed to provide a significant contribution in the battle . The same formula that is maintained in Battlefield 4 .

With a map and a super wide open for all kinds of combat , the main mission is not to kill as many enemies as quickly as possible , but contribute to the squad and play a role that you choose yourself . You are given a choice of four roles : Assault , Recon , Engineer , and Support to the advantages and disadvantages of each . Each of them is armed with the arsenal that is designed to address the specific war situation or provide assistance to teammates in a specific role as well . Not only these four roles , you also can serve as Commander in Battlefield 4 finally back after being absent in the previous series . Being Commander , you can give a more significant contribution in the battle , than just throwing more supply for your team up to launch a Tomahawk missile to the target if needed . Cooperation between the fifth key role is to play a bigger role in the battle field .

The uniqueness of role playing is what ultimately combines gameplay elements Battlefield 4 for a unique look , at once evocative at the same time . You are not severe enough for precision shooting and killing anyone ? You can play a supporting role , providing health , ammo , or even stood patiently behind a heavy vehicle to make sure it keeps running with a running battle on your part . Because of this reason , join a squad and fight together with foreign gamers who 've never met in real life before becoming essential . Through a squad of your friends here , you more easily exit and enter the battle , play your part , and gain points .

The more you participate in a particular job , the higher the chance you to achieve a higher level - which means , the opportunity to acquire equipment and weapons variants are much more reliable . Slowly indeed , but all of the hard work will pay off playing this role . There is a certain satisfaction when you see the words that won the battle there .

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