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Singleplayer story presented on Battlefield 4 is not related to Battlefield 3 , as well as the exciting previous series . As always , you are part of the options the U.S. Army deployed in military special operations .

Do not be afraid of any of your deployed into the mission because you will not be alone . The story begins when there is tension between the United States and China are in the body of his administration was a change of leadership .

United States knows that Russia secretly involved with the political situation in China . United States can not allow this . You will be assigned to enter the territory of China , starting from the metropolis of Shanghai to the mountains of Tibet .

we are disappointed with the singleplayer story that only takes 4 hours to complete . In short hours playing this look is not balanced with the installation of the required capacity , which needed 24 GB . Apparently , most of the capacity is used to store the textures in the game in high resolution , so if your PC is high-end specs, you will feel the outstanding graphics quality .

Admittedly, the Frostbite Engine 3 is one of the best game engine this time . Maybe some gamers will experience problems while optimizing the graphical display as there are enough bugs that interfere with the performance of the hardware .

In gameplay , Battlefield 4 still provide a realistic atmosphere of a modern battle . To survive the onslaught of the enemy army bullets , you must discard the idea that hide behind the wall is the best solution . All the walls and buildings that are available you will easily destroy , create a state of war becomes very open . The weapons were supplied also identical to that of the real world .

On the other hand , the multiplayer mode in this game is very special . It can cover the shortage of Battlefield 4 which lies in single player mode . Land, sea , and air into a battle that requires you to move fast . As in the previous series , you can join the players from all over the world and become a team of special forces for the sake of completing a variety of game modes , such as Deathmatch and Conquest .

Each player will have a rank which will continue to rise as the number of wins . In addition , the developer is also very aware that the advantage lies in Battlefield multiplayernya mode , so they promised to continue adding new features on a regular basis which will certainly enrich the game mode .

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