Blinds for verandas


Owning a veranda is often a major asset to enhance the value of a home. If you don't have one, go straight here. Nevertheless, the comfort of verandas and skylights is not always there, especially on hot days. It is therefore advisable to equip your veranda with blinds, so that you can enjoy them in summer and winter.

The benefits of blinds

Blinds obviously protect your veranda and its occupants well during hot days, but this is just as true during winters, when they retain the heat from the house, which almost always escapes from the top.

In addition to thermal comfort, blinds protect you from excessive sunlight, which can seriously damage your health, especially your skin. Indeed, they limit the penetration of ultraviolet rays, often at the origin of serious dermatological disorders.

Finally, blinds adapt perfectly to any type of architecture. So you won't have to worry about the technical feasibility of installing veranda blinds.

Types of blinds and materials

A distinction is made mainly between interior and exterior blinds. While the latter are the most recommended because they reduce the greenhouse effect and thus excessive heating of the veranda, they are nevertheless subject to certain constraints, particularly with regard to their vulnerability to winds, and adapt less easily to your veranda if it has a singular shape.

Then, depending on whether they are intended for the roof or the façade of the veranda, there are still many other categories of blinds. For external blinds, there are sliding blinds on rails for the roof, and sliding blinds for the facade. Indoor blinds are available as venetian blinds, pleated blinds or fabric blinds, and as boat blinds, roller blinds or vertical strip blinds.

For materials, you can choose between solid, opaque acrylic fabrics or micro-ventilated fabrics that are easy to clean, visually attractive and have perfect insulation.

Depending on your needs, consider choosing the right color shade for the interior and exterior of your canvas, remembering that colors darken and absorb more heat.

Finally, for added convenience, consider installing automatic blinds, which open and close automatically depending on the long range radio control system.

Once your blind is installed, you will be protected against heat and UV rays but there is one last enemy, noise. To enjoy your veranda in quiet, isolate it phonically, there are specialized sites that allow you to make free quotes like this one.

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