The blood type diet is still beneficial for the body


The blood type diet may no longer be foreign to you. Diet is done by adjusting the choice of food with blood type respectively is claimed to work to lose weight. Is that right?

This type of diet is based on the theory of Peter D'Adamo, a naturopathic doctor, who distinguishes dietary choices according to blood type. This blood type system was first discovered by Austrian scientist who also won a Nobel prize, Karl Landsteiner. In 1909, he divided human blood into blood type A, B, AB, and group O.

Based on this discovery D'Adamo developed his theory of the blood type diet he described in his book, Eat Right For Your Type.

D'Adamo says every individual reacts differently to lectins, the substances present in plants and animal foods. D'Adamo also reminded that eating foods that do not fit the blood type will cause problems that cause inflammation, weight problems and other diseases.

Blood type facts are inherited from parents, each of us is a descendant of people who migrate from a certain area. Therefore, each of us naturally breaks certain foods more efficiently depending on our blood type. According to D'Adamo, consumption of foods according to blood type will optimize digestion and the risk of having health problems and weight loss will decrease.

D'Adamo believes that Blood Type A is widely owned by planters, so their intestinal microbiota is adapted for plant foods. While the type B is derived from the nomadic tribes reared, so they are more suited to eating plant foods and red meat.

People with AB blood type find their ancestors between both populations A and B so that their gastrointestinal tracts have a combined ability of both groups. While blood type O is the descendants of hunters, so they are suitable to consume meat, bread and gluten products.

So whether his theory of diet according to blood type can be trusted? Reporting from Medical Daily, Thursday (12/09/2013), D'Adamo's theory of intestinal microbiota is believed to be true. In a study conducted last year, researchers from Finnish Red Cross Blood Service found that certain blood types modulate the difference in proportion and overall bowel microbiota profile.

On the other hand, a recent study conducted by researchers in Belgium also found evidence to validate the health benefits of diet based on blood type. Although it is worth a try to do, but further studies will be needed to support the claims of the effectiveness of this diet.

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