Breakfast can affect your whole diet program


Breakfast like fuel for the body to work optimally throughout the day. Good breakfast and quality will ensure the activity in the office remains smooth and on the contrary, a less nutritious breakfast will make the body less powerful. So, pay attention to the terms of a healthy breakfast. see Health Blog And Reviews for better diet

"The hour depends on when he wakes up, half an hour or an hour after waking up is allowed breakfast, because at waking, blood sugar drops, so should be given food intake," said dr. Titi Sekarindah, MS, SpGK, a diet expert from Pertamina Central Hospital to  Health and written on Wednesday (27/3/2013).

Regarding the ideal amount of caloric intake for breakfast, Dr. Titi explains that the right one-third of the total calories. So if for example requires 1200 calories, then you should only consume 400 calories for breakfast. Eating bread can also, as long as the nutritional balance.

When consuming bread, Dr. Titi suggests using wheat bread and eggs or tucked in low-fat cheese. Can also be smeared with peanut butter or ordinary jam. The important thing is to keep it low in fat. Another thing that should not be missed is milk.

"For adults, it is advisable to drink low fat (low fat) milk to avoid obesity, and if you eat only a little rice, add vegetables and side dishes to protein, Oat meal is also good, the most important is the balance of the menu.

For those who are used to drinking coffee in the morning let not sleepy, dr Titi explained that the habit is not a problem, provided only one cup. However breakfast should still be a top priority. If you do not have time to breakfast, better bring lunch from home.

"Do not eat office snacks such as uduk or fried rice, as much as possible avoid, if not breakfast risk weak, not concentrated, no morale," said Dr. Titi.

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