buy fifa 14 coins ps3 Kono also let the Spaniard to score small Luo Yiran 1:1


Because Spaniard team this several season gradually rise, buy fifa 14 coins ps3 not only got has Spain King Cup, also into has Union Cup finals, and this season of La Liga points list Shang, Spain people also row to has fourth bit, only behind Barca a bit, points only than Barca less 2 points Shang once appeared similar situation also to dating back to 19951996 season, then Barca and Spain people also respectively ranked League third and fourth bit, that field Catalan luoniyadebi war hit into has 1:1. After more than 10 years, not only the strongest Derby again, both sides also copied the score 1:1. First half of the game belonged to Barcelona, Iniesta scored early for Barcelona take the initiative, but the Spaniard launched a counter attack in the second half, once crushing Barcelona not defenseless, Kono also let the Spaniard to score small Luo Yiran 1:1 draw with Barcelona eventually sat down on the bench, Andres Iniesta to take his place, Eidur Gudjohnsen also continues to be trustworthy in General. Barcelona will soon enter the race, the 6 minute, Messi on the right holding the ball at half, he forced out of Rodriguez's defense, flat out, Buy Fifa 14 Coins With fast delivery from fifa coins trader online! 100% Safety! but this time he has no choice, choosing instead to go outside, right side of the area, Macy's body while fool a Spanish defender and forthwith the ball cross the door, further open Iniesta broke easily. However, Barca but unable to expand the next score, and Rijkaard criticised the players after the game: "just a little more experience, we can win the game. Unfortunately, we failed to score even one goal, so to lose 2 points. ”

The second half, Spain strengthen face-off, and forward Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and boyang also difficult to get the ball, which was reduced by Barcelona's attacking prowess. After the Barca defense shrinking the Empress, striker free in whole, while the Spaniards as a whole performed well player confidence in rebel resolve is so strong that Spain people on 69 minutes and finally score, zhichuan Rodriguez, Riera "raw" Carles Puyol and left the restricted area around the bottom line return, substitute appearances of Colo from close range inside, 1:1. Last minute, Ronaldinho as Barca created several threats, but ultimately failed to rewrite the score 1:1 Spaniards became a veritable "team killer", the League this season, they have beat Sevilla, Valencia and Real Madrid, this is draw with Barcelona, such an outstanding record for them in Exchange for a fourth success. Last season, Spain one of Barca's 1-1, they made Barcelona's desire for revenge this time frustrated Barcelona survived the long years under the shadow of Spain, and finally felt close to join their city rivals for the first time.

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