chair lift bridge training for women


Having a sexy butt is the dream of the majority of women around the world. And did you know, that in addition to supporting the appearance, hamstring muscle is also used as a support of the whole body strength.

Here is an exercise designed specifically to train your hamstring muscles and buttocks simultaneously, so that any exercise you can achieve two benefits simultaneously, namely strengthening hamstring muscles as well as getting sexy buttocks. This exercise is done by men and women, and can be done anytime and anywhere.

Main muscles trained: Quadriceps femroris, Gluteus, Abdominal muscle groups.

Other trained muscles: Bicep femoris.

Here is the execution:

Lie on the floor with your hand on your side. The position of the palm facing the floor. Place your heel on a bench. [A]

Lift your right leg from the bench as high as possible. Lower the right foot and repeat with the next leg. [B]

Set your breath, exhale as you raise your legs and hips, breathe in as you lower your legs back onto the bench. Raise your hips upward as you balance your shoulders and heels.

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