The Coffee beans may help you in diet


Coffee beans that have not roasted or are still green because picked that day may also be holding the key to weight loss is cheap and effective.

According to a study presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Diego.

Joe Vinson, a chemist from Scranton University who led the study, said that green coffee bean extracts reduce the absorption of fat and glucose in the intestine and reduce insulin levels that will improve metabolic function. Vinson also reported no signs of side effects on participants.

For 6 weeks, all participants took 3 capsules of supplements a day, drinking 700-1,050 mg of green coffee extract a day or using placebo. Participants did not change their caloric intake during the experimental process. The result, all participants reduced body fat on average by 16 percent.

The only drawback of green coffee extract is the taste of 'very bitter', even this extract will be difficult to drink without much water, Vinson said as quoted by The Seattle Times, Thursday (29/3/2012).

With a cost of 20 US dollars per month, practically consumption of green coffee extract is much cheaper than a special weight loss treatment or with a doctor's prescription.

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The experiment was conducted in India and funded by Applied Food Sciences in Austin, Texas, a green coffee extract manufacturer.

As a dietary supplement, green coffee extract does not require FDA approval. In fact, this extract is already available as one of the treatment of naturopathy and antioxidants.

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