The construction of the complex started from December 2012 Cheap Baseball Jerseys


NANNING , China, April 13 (Xinhua) -- The construction of training complex for the gymnastics world championship has been completed, the organizing committee announced Sunday.


The venue can be put into service in mid-April Cheap Football Jerseys , which is ahead of schedule for half a month.


Together with the news center, sports hotel and outdoors engineering projects, the training complex is part of the auxiliary projects of the Guangxi Sports Center.


The complex will serve as training and warm-up venue for the athletes of the gymnastic worlds as well as the national championships.


The construction of the complex started from December 2012 Cheap Baseball Jerseys , and the roof atop the frame was sealed in August 2013. The gross floor area of the venue is 46,000 square meters, and the height is 23.7 meters.


The first floor of the complex consists of an exhibition hall and a fitness center Cheap Basketball Jerseys , and the second floor is a venue for mass sports, which will be renovated as a stadium where people can play basketball, badminton and tennis.


The 45th World Gymnastics Championships will be held in Nanning this October Cheap Hockey Jerseys , the second time in China since the 1999 championships in Tianjin.


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