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Players are given a restaurant or service provider that is visited by many people , then he is required to serve the customer as best and as much as possible . The level of difficulty will continue to grow and to mitigate them , players are required to improve all the facilities provided . Diner Dash is one good example to imagine .

In Android , gamers can also enjoy the game with the same game technique . In fact , players will find it is very familiar , although the first time to play it because the game is using a Japanese cartoon character Doraemon as the main character .

Doraemon Repair Shop Doraemon character designs still use the exact same original characters . Yes , Doraemon will be the main character along with other characters , such as Nobita , Shizuka , Suneo , Giant , and Nobisuke and Dorami .

Nobita and Nobisuke are two initial playable characters . They want to spoil the people living around them to hold household appliances repair services .

Of course , the tools were derived from Doraemon's magic pocket . There are a variety of tools to fix stuff , but the player does not have to bother fixing broken tools one by one . Simply by directing customers who come to the appropriate place , so Nobita and Nobisuke will do the rest .

Of course , the difficulty level will increase. The further the level of the game , customers will demand increasingly complex and patience level will be less.

So , as a player you have to adjust the placement of objects systematically broken . Help from other characters , such as Dorami also be obtained as long you had sufficient number of bells . From there , the facilities in- app purchase offered quite prominent because of the points needed to buy a certain character is quite high .

Its small size , which is about 27 MB , making suggestions to play this game fairly comfortably . Doraemon Repair Shop can be one of the premier choice for gamers who want a game with a game like Diner Dash technique .

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