Double Dragon Neon: Games review for PC


Like the classic games beat'em ups in the past , both Billy and Jimmy would only rely on two elements to win this battle : their hands and feet . Combining the attack button at the foot and will be one of your best spearhead to beat every challenge there is , of course, beyond studying the timing and look for a gap that you can use . No blocking button , so to avoid large damage , you can do just three : running away , down , or rolling , which is of course easy to be executed . You will also get extra help with a myriad of indicators that clearly displayed on your screen , where the direction of a large enemy attack will be launched so that you have a chance to save themselves . The key ? Concentration , patience , and execution with the correct timing .

However, there is little fundamental change significantly in Double Dragon Neon , if you compare it with the old series : an opportunity to reinforce the character . Not just punching and kicking blindly , both Jimmy and Billy will now be equipped with two types of categories of skills they can equip. The first page contains the effect of the skill that you can inject the character permanently , like aura to convert the damage into health , or simply reinforce the character stat . While the skill page two huge range of types of attacks you can execute with little power bar located at the bottom of each character's health . Than just issued a fireball , up to a giant fire dragon issued to produce damage in the area evenly .

Each skill can be acquired and strengthened by getting a cassette -shaped items that you can find along the way . The more tape you equate the same type , the stronger the skills presented by the cassette when it is executed . But unfortunately , every skill level will have a limit of comparatively limited . Fortunately , this can be modified by using a rare item called " Mhytril " that you can get after fighting with the boss in each area . Mythril will widen up every skill level limit , so the opportunity to strengthen each of them wide open . Utilizing skills , bergonta accordance with the conditions of the battle you are facing will be one of the key were counted crucial to complete the Double Dragon Neon .
There is a reason why this game is called as Double Dragon and not just Dragon , or worse , Single Dragon ? As simple as this game is much more comfortable playing with other gamers . Instead of fighting alone and faced with an enemy ready to attack you from all directions , finding a reliable comrade would be the best answer keys to beat Double Dragon Neon easier . Moreover , this new series also offers some extra features that can only be accessed if you play alone with your friends .

In addition to the opportunity to bring more damage to all you meet , the combination of Billy and Jimmy also will increase the survivability factor of each player . You can share the same amount of health into two by using the tos . This way , you can ensure the player with a smaller health to survive much longer , at least he found a healing item that is not so difficult to find.

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