The eating habits that can ruin your diet


The dream of having an ideal body belongs to everyone. In addition to exercise, adjusting the diet is a must do.

But, one-one set diet can certainly make your diet program to fail. Not infrequently  people deliberately reduce the portion of his meal and deliberately made himself starved in order to quickly lose weight.

Here's a mistake to regulate your diet that actually makes your diet fail

Fatty foods for you fat

Fat is not always associated with weight loss. Any fatty foods that contain good fats like avocado, salmon, and olive oil. This food can be used as your daily menu.

The contained fat may provide benefits for heart health, keep you feeling full, and not feel hungry, says Brittany Kohn, R.D. Nutritionist from Middleberg Nutrition in New York. Fat is also important to help absorb a number of vitamins that will make the body's system becomes balanced and healthy.

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The less, the faster the skinny

Actually the less food you eat, the slower your metabolism goes. You also so can not do much activity.

When you feel hungry, the effect will be revenge in the next meal. Lose weight does not mean letting yourself go hungry. The truth is choosing good food and can make you feel satisfied and add to your energy.

Eating lots of healthy essentials

Large portions of any food, whether salad or pizza, can make your stomach widen. If allowed to continue, so the stomach will ask for more filled with these foods.

In addition, healthy foods do not contain much fat, sugar, and low carbohydrates. If consumed in large portions will make you more hungry and feel tired and bloated.

No breakfast

You must have often heard or read articles that discuss the importance of breakfast. Yes, the importance of breakfast also applies to you who are in the weight loss program. With breakfast, will be more calories that can be burned by the body throughout the day.

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