The food combination for you who do fasting


Holding hungry and thirsty all day, it takes the right diet to fast fast. Well, one of the recommended diet is food combining.

One of the perpetrators of the diet, Erikar Lebang, said that food combining has the meaning of eating foods that fit the needs. In addition, the diet also adjusts to the work capacity of the body's digestive system.

"Food combining is a diet that regulates human intake based on 'what to eat', 'how to eat it', and 'when to eat', so instead of eating food based on what assumptions are needed," Erikar told detikHealth, as written On Wednesday (8/7/2015).

The diet is based on the assumptions required, regardless of the condition of the body, according to Erikar may not be suitable and unhealthy.

"Or eating foods with certain amounts or doses that are considered appropriate, but it resulted in the body of hunger and lack of what is needed, especially, can eat full and be healthy and live more qualified," he added.

As quoted from his book 'Food Combining in the Month of Ramadan', Erikar mentions that food combining is not a slim diet concept as many people think.

"Food combining is a diet in the sense of dietary arrangement that refers to the body's work system, especially the digestive system," writes the active man twittering on Twitter account @ thisikeblebang.

Well, this diet according to Erikar Ramadan is not an obstacle for those who want to undergo food combining method. To know the exact application, let's see the typical reviews about food combining when fasting

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