Getting free of fat easily for the body


For those of you who are struggling to trim the fat pile on the body, exercise advice from Gideon Akande, 31, winner of Men's Health Next Top Trainer 2015, can be an alternative solution that you can choose.

In addition to the simple step, the suggestions of the winner of Chicago Golden Globe 2013 and 2014 this lets you create your own boot camp fat burner that suits you. If you want to try it, consider the four tips from Akande are below:

Step 1: Special Locations
Akande recommends you to do a boot camp in the open (outdoor). "The parking lot, the city park, or the basketball court provide enough space for you to move freely, the things you need if your friends join to do the exercises like lateral shuffle," Akande said. You choose to drain the sweat indoors (indoor)? "Choose exercise moves that let you stay at one point," he said. "You can do high knee rather than lateral shuffle."

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Step 2: Choose Your Exercise
Use exercise movements that rest on your own body weight and enter in the following categories:
THE BODY (eg pushup, chinup, and pullup)
MAIN PARTS OF THE BODY (eg plank and V-up)
THE BODY (eg lunge and squat)
KARDIO TOTAL-BODY (eg high knee and lateral shuffle)
"Do the exercises in a circuit method that makes one muscle group work, while the other muscle groups recover," Akande added. "This will help you rest briefly and keep the intensity of exercise high."

Step 3: Define Your Interval
Your interval is the ratio of exercise and rest (in seconds) to each exercise movement. Choose one of the three ratios below:
30:30 If you have never done a boot camp before, start with an interval that prioritizes balance or exercise with this break.
40:20 Good choice for maximum muscle burning.
20:10 If you are fit and want an exercise session that maximizes your lung performance, this is the best option.
But regardless of the interval of your choice exercise, do the last circuit with the maximum, Akande said.

Step 4: Warm up the Exercise
Before starting to practice, warm up with exercise movements that are awakened to the following body loads: plank (45 seconds), squats (30 reps) and bear crawl (30 seconds). It's counted 1 round. Do it 2-3 rounds, and then just go into boot camp. Perform the circuit you created in Step 2 4-8 times with the rest (as you need) between each circuit to complete your training session. "Invite to join your friends if you can," said akande. "Boot camp works best if done in groups."

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