Getting healthier from your inside


Good morning!! Monday should be dong spirit, early in the week do not start by complaining  . Soon old age, stress and death not happy.

Anyway, today's post is a bit of my perspective on what will make you more healthy in ways you may never hear before, I believe the true health starts from within. Though it sounds cliche or like ad jargon, but this phrase is true tabletop readers.

Mental health, is your key will be longer healthier than others. You must have had a friend who works every day complaining about his work, complaining more than changing his destiny anyway? A situation very similar to some of us who often assume that the rainy season comes we will be sick, or feel our bodies weak and unable to exercise.

Many people who unconsciously limit themselves, think of themselves as weak and painless, assume with only a little smoke, he will have a fever. Assuming that they will get sick just by exercising a bit of weight or not starting fitness and gym work just because they feel the body will enlarge (whereas the original is also fat).

Believe me, the most basic health, if you want to be physically fit, you have to be courageous to feel worthy. You must dare to say and convince yourself that you are a strong and healthy person.

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Some self-affirmation that can be used:

"I am healthy and I am very happy"

"I will be slim in 3 months"

"I will be on a healthy diet and in the end I will look much prettier in January"

"I definitely can, I will exercise regularly"

And some of your other self-made versions, tp little tips for self-affirmation, do not focus on your problem, for example you're sick, do not say "I dont want to hurt anymore". But said "I want to recover". So you can focus on the important ones, you will focus on the solution.

If you are able to imagine and believe in the power of your mind, you will become much healthier. Believe me, people who consider themselves weak and easy to get sick will be sick and weak. So why complicate your life if you have the thought capacity to keep you immune from illness and look a lot healthier?

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