GTX 1060 is faster than rx 480


The battle between AMD and NVIDIA is heating up. A recent leak of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card re-unfold.

According to VideoCardz, leaks are said to come from a press presentation that will be presented NVIDIA will display the specifications and performance of GTX 1060 which is claimed "much better" than the Radeon RX480.

The leak also shows some specifications of GTX 1060 in detail. GTX 1060 is known to be present with Pascal GP106 GPU with 16nm FinFET architecture.

It will also have a boost clock of 1700MHz, with total performance up to 4.4 TFLOPS. For memory, the GTX 1060 comes with 6GB of GDDR5 memory with a 192-bit bus interface.

NVIDIA also boasts the power efficiency of this graphics card. In this leaked time they claim when the GTX 1060 has a better power efficiency than the RX480. In addition, GTX 1060 is also claimed to be faster than the GTX 980 whose performance is still above the RX480, although on paper specifications and computing capabilities of the GTX 1060 under the RX480.

The GTX 1060 will probably be introduced this July, and it's unclear exactly when.

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