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For gamers who got to know their exploits in the past, not surprisingly, if the name Quantic Dream associated so strongly with interactive games super cool story that is hard to ignore. The brain - David Cage does make this studio as a "factory" for games that always offer a unique charm, a game that makes the narrative as a major force in the implementation of visualization arguably, charming. Some of you may recognize the name of this studio since the "Fahrenheit" - a game full of mystery that comes with the conclusion of the story that is surprising or even of the latest title "Detroit: Become Human" which will be launched for the Playstation 4. Regardless of whether you love the product or not, Quantic Dream has a strong footprint in the gaming industry.

For gamers Playstation 3, the name Quantic Dream fastened on two products that had adorned the exclusive game console by Sony's black. Absolutely, we talk about Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls is a different release three years of each other. Both had a special place in the hearts of the owners of the Playstation 3.

Heavy Rain appears as a psychological thriller game with a story line that is not only solid, but also the foundation of such visual depiction power of what can be achieved by the Sony machine. The ability to offer branch story with a different ending so the main attraction, especially since he was built from so many perspectives comparatively strong character. Mature themes with fairly explicit content began to make gamers to see the potential of video games are no longer simply as a fun, interactive entertainment, but a potential story room.

While Beyond: Two Souls brings the foundation of Heavy Rain and refine gameplay into a more intuitive UI, complete with quality visualization comparatively unusual for a console that is almost "dead" in 2013 ago. Although the story itself is not as previously thought, he managed to become evidence toughness Quantic Dream else.

And now, the second game the mainstay of Quantic Dream - Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls was re-released for the current generation Sony console - the Playstation 4. The question now is whether they deserve to be ogled? This review will discuss it in for you!

A game would not be a selling point at all if the release repeated in the current generation platforms ended absentee with better visualization quality. Because logically, the extra performance offered Playstation 4 compared Playstation 3 should provide more space for the developers to build a game with a version that is more perfect - a version where they do not need to consider so many limitations that make so many things that need to be adjusted. The good news? Quantic Dream did not mess with the quality of visualization Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain Playstation version 4.

Compared with the original version, both have increased especially in the visual detail and lighting effects far sharper than ever before. Model character's face looks much better now, even full of pores and skin texture feels realistic when brought near. This of course resulted in a more visual experience feast for the eyes, especially when they put out certain expressions when talking or arguing with one another. Cool again? Improved texture is not only true for the significant characters only. Various objects in the environment as well as the NPC is also experiencing the same treatment. Unfortunately, this does not apply to cut-scenes in Heavy Rain ending appears in the form of low-resolution video and not pre-rendered.

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