Here's the Way to Find All Fortnite X4-Stormwing Time Trials Locations


Every week there is a new set of challenges for Fortnite players, and we're nearing the end of Season 7 of Fortnite, week 9's challenges have arrived. Following earlier time trial challenges, the new set asks you to take for the skies above the map. Right here are all of the X4-Stormwing Time Trials Areas in Fortnite.

Rather than running around on the ground, these Time Trials ask you to jump into the planes that were added this season.

Across the map, you'll uncover a couple of different areas to test your flying capabilities, together with the location you will need to fly created obvious by some vibrant blue rings.

There are 3 places you need to visit commence the X4-Stormwing Time Trials, and they may be:

Very first, head to the West side of Lazy Hyperlinks, or east of Junk Junction. The place is about halfway in between the two named areas, on the coast to the North.

The next from the Stormwing Time Trials places might be located southeast of Lonely Lodge, at the edge of Paradise Palms. This one's also on the coast, just northeast from the race track.

The final Stormwing Time Trials location is in the southeast of Frosty Flights, off the edge of the map. Considering that you'll be in the air if you fly more than there, the ring will probably be straightforward to spot.

Just obtain an X4-Stormwing plane, the places for which it is possible to see right here, and fly for the areas above, going through the rings and completing the time trials. Do all 3 of them and the challenge for this week might be completed.

That is everything you'll need to understand all of the X4-Stormwing Time Trials Locations in Fortnite. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that choosing U4GM to buy fortnite save the world weapons is always a right decision for you, thousands of Fortnite players have been trusting us, as our power delivery system helps us guarantee fast delivery.

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