How to duplicate a portal remote control?


Have you just motorized your gate or are you thinking of doing so? The best would be to make a duplication if you think of opting for a manageable motorization via a remote control. This will help you deal with a loss or failure of the original remote control. In our article, we will help you duplicate a portal remote control.

What is the use of a portal remote control?

A gate remote control is a very indispensable tool for opening, but also for closing a gate. In other words, the remote control allows you to have full control of your portal. We know very well that a motorized gate benefits us in various ways. If we only talk about the comfort of use it provides, it also guarantees optimal safety. On the other hand, without a remote control, nothing is useful for the motorized. Indeed, the remote control allows us to manage and control our portal remotely. This gives us comfort of use while saving us time and energy. In fact, opening and closing the gate manually has become a daily chore, while providing it with a remotely manageable motorization allows us to open it without having to get out of our vehicle. Just touch a button on the long distance remote control and you're done. What's more, the motorization guarantees optimum safety. The gate can only be opened by the person holding the remote control.

The limits of a gate remote control

As mentioned above, a gate equipped with a remote control allows us to benefit from various advantages, however, the loss or breakdown of the remote control also causes us various problems. Indeed, without a wireless remote control, it would be impossible to remotely control our portal and may even be impossible to open or close it. That is, if we find ourselves inside our home, we can be imprisoned by our own security system. But worst of all, if we are outside, we will find ourselves locked out of our own home. To avoid such an annoying case, it is always necessary to provide a double remote control. Duplication is the best way to do this.

The steps of a remote control duplication

First, the duplication of the remote control is an act that consists in making a duplicate of the remote control. In other words, reproduce two identical remote controls. This action requires three stages: learning, applying and transmitting. Before starting the duplication process, you must first read and understand the instructions for your remote control. This is the first "learning" step. Then, "apply", that is, continue the duplication steps while respecting the recommendations relating to the radio receiver. These are the essential elements to validate the recording of the original remote control on the receiver. Then, you must press the button on the first remote control, this will cause the duplicated remote control to flash and prove its success. More precisely, you must press it simultaneously for 6 to 8 seconds. Finally, "transmit" is the same duplication procedure to program all the other keys.

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