The korean women secret to achieve beauty


One of the most popular secrets of popular Korean women's skin is to apply 10-step skin care. Although it can make the face more smooth, shine, and avoid acne, the treatment is certainly enough to drain your pocket. Not to mention its products are quite difficult to find in Indonesia so have to order it on shopping sites or friends.

But do not be discouraged if you want to get the skin as beautiful as Song Hye Kyo or Kim Tae Hee. There are some Korean-style beauty techniques that can be done without the need to spend much money.

Shower 'Half-Half'
3 Beautiful Korean Women Style Tips Without Ejecting Easily Imitated Money Photo: Thinkstock
In addition to faces, South Koreans are known to routinely clean their skin with a sauna. They also like to soak hot water at home to relax and nourish the body. Not just bathing, Korean women used to do 'ban-shin-yoks' which if translated is a 'half-half' shower.

The trick is to fill the tub with warm water approximately only a belly. Then soak but make sure if the upper body of the stomach is not wet at all. This is done to improve blood circulation so that the skin is also so much healthier.

Facial Massage
3 Beautiful Korean Women Style Tips Without Ejecting Easily Imitated Money Photo: Thinkstock
Massage is also one of the secrets of beautiful Korean women's skin. When applying facial care products, they also simultaneously provide massage. Massage is done to improve circulation and muscle 'exercise'. The actual type of massage can be different but there are four easy ways to do it and it only takes three minutes:

1. Wear a knuckle to massage your chin and forehead horizontally for 10 seconds with light pressure. This will make the muscles relax as well as energized.
2. Press the knuckle to cheek, just below the cheek jaw. The movement will help the blood circulation and the sagging cheeks become more tight.
3. Then use your thumb to press the bottom of the eyebrow for three seconds. Press up to the bridge of the nose. It can help release tension around the eyes and improve circulation in that section. But be careful not to press too hard on the eyeball.
4. Finally use your four fingers to massage the jaw. Do like playing the piano with up and down motion for 15 seconds. Hopefully this will help the blood circulation and tighten the V-line section. Better still if the following movements are done while using serum.

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Facial exercise
3 Beautiful Korean Women Style Tips Without Ejecting Easily Imitated Money Photo:
The face also needs to sport for a firmer skin and a more dimensional shape. The way to exercise is also quite easy, ie just by speaking vowels, A, E, I, O, and U. Do it with maximum until you feel the muscles around the mouth move. Repeat three times and at night and morning after applying facial lookup products. It is expected that your face will become more soft and moist.

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