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Jason Momoa's gait in the acting world is on the rise. After starring in the role of Khal Drogo, the leader of the Dothraki tribe in the Game of Thrones and Conan series in the remake of Conan The Barbarian (2011), he was cast into the iconic superhero DC Comics whose upcoming release, Aquaman.

To play a variety of mighty figures, Jason Momoa would need to form a muscle mass of his body to look fierce in front of the camera. Although not easy, he managed to add weight as much as 12 pounds for the roles that he plays. Roughly, what's the secret?
AR-7, Momoa's Success Key

Accelerated Results 7 (AR-7) became the key to the development of the body of Hawaii-born actor, USA. This unique program can help you to get a great body shape in a short time.

The AR-7, developed by professional trainer Eric Laciste, takes advantage of low reps and weight and minimal rest. Eit, do not get me wrong, the fast tempo can make your muscles feel burned in an instant, because your main goal is to reach muscle failure.

Start with 7 sets of 7 reps each with 7 seconds of break breaks between sets to perform a pre-defined motion circuit. Next, do the same pattern with the number 6 (6 sets, 6 rep, 6 seconds inter break). Finally, do the same round as the number 5 as the last round. Rest 1-2 minutes between turns.

Another advantage of the AR-7 is that you can do two to three exercises per day without feeling exhausted, because you are not carrying very heavy burdens that can burden the joints.

Initially, Momoa does just one exercise per day for each body part. After a few weeks, he began to adapt and was able to do 2-3 lathan in a day.
Example of the Ala Momoa AR-7 Exercise

As mentioned above, do the following 3 movements below with a 1-2 minute break respectively per lap:

    First round: 7 sets of 7 rep, with 7 seconds rest between movements.
    Second Round: 6 sets of 6 rep, with 6 seconds rest between movements.
    Third Round: 5 sets of 5 rep, with 5 seconds rest between movements.

Monday: Chest

    Flat Bench Press
    Incline Bench Press
    Incline Bench Dumbbell Press
    Plate Push-Up
    Chest Dips

Tuesday: Back

    Medium-Grip Pull-Up
    Reverse-Grip Chin-Up
    Close-Grip Pull-Up
    Seated Pulley Row
    Reverse-Grip Barbell Bent-Over Row

Wednesday: Feet

    Bodyweight Squat
    Stiff-Legged Deadlift
    Barbell Back Squat
    Bodyweight Jump Squat

Thursday: Core

    Medicine Ball Slam
    Kettlebell Swing
    Leap Frog
    Sprint 40 meters

Friday: Shoulders and Arms

    Barbell Military Press
    Bodyweight Dip
    Diamond Push-Up
    Dumbbell Curl
    Dumbbell Triceps Extension

At the end of the practice session, Momoa usually utilizes treadmills in varying times to cut more fat.
Customize With Yourself!

Since AR-7 includes circuit training, you may find it difficult to move from one device to another, especially in a fairly crowded gym. The solution, you can do all the sets on a particular movement before moving to the next movement.

Through this method, you can get a failure without wasting a lot of time through a fast tempo. To get the maximum benefit, make sure you keep the tempo and follow the rest period as recommended.

After some time, you can change the motion and add a little load. Make sure you keep the multi-joint movement and progress.

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