many spices can be used reduce weight


To help you lose weight, there is another unique way that can be done in addition to a healthy diet and exercise routine. One of them mentioned that add spice in cooking.

Leona nutrition expert Victoria Djajadi, MND, confirmed that the use of many spices that can reduce weight.

According to him, the core of the use of herbs that many are reducing the use of salt, sugar and other artificial materials as flavoring dishes. Sugar and salt itself is known to have properties of sucking water, so water can not be removed from the body and cause a person to be 'fat water'.

"Sugar and salt can increase hypertension, triglycerides and aggravate the kidneys. In neurology, if we've got the core flavor of a food, then we will not overeat in order to get the satisfaction of a sense of continuous," said Victoria to  Health.

This desire is usually unconsciously make people eat crackers or chips excessively. "Yes because of the lack of input flavors and nutrients so the body keeps telling us to eat, so their input is satisfied," he added.

Specialist graduate of the University of Sydney describes each spice has its own ends, so there is no built specifically to lose weight.

"For myself, I believe in traditional herbal concoction, which is usually made from herbs to lose weight or when a sore throat," said Victoria.

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