MS2 Opinions on what will happen when


Do you believe people will start selling their MS1 account when MS2 comes out? I am on no account promoting account trading or anything prohibited. I am simply asking opinions MS2 Mesos. Of course, our account IDs are now worldwide (they had been made worldwide a few decades ago ). So, would throw away everything for a start and a couple bucks on MS2?

Anyone believe MS1 players will be given some sort of stipend? Nexon attracts players from different games to try and bolster their games population that is brand new all of the time. They offer some kind of reward. I think it's a given that they'll do this for MS2 but what will the prizes be?

Unlikely. MS2 may be a successor to MS1, but it is just a different new game. Few people jump and sell all their old accounts just because they began something new, particularly if MS1 nevertheless receives upgrades for some time. The fact that's called MapleStory doesn't matter ultimately, because the gameplay experience will be pretty unique to each, and a few people might love going back and playing MS1 on their old characters, etc.

I think a lot of players will abandon their old accounts, in spite of cash items still on them, so that's giving up a couple of bucks, in a way. Definitely not. If Nexon pays players to depart, it will be a powerful indication that they no longer plan to support MS1, and cause uproar. This would be bad marketing. Additionally, it shows something of a lack of faith in the brand new product, which should theoretically have the ability to pull a brand new audience on its own merit. The nearest I have seen Nexon to providing remuneration is if they provided a partial refund to DFO players for money items when they closed down the server. That cost them a lot, also was a really bitter pill.

It's pretty likely they could give some form of MS1-themed trophy, clothing item, or name, which Official Site could be obtainable in a code delivered by email to everyone in MS1; that's pretty standard practice. New gamers to MS2 who actually liked the look would then have incentive to make an MS1 account as well, merely to find the code, and so Nexon could actively motivate folks to make both accounts at once, which could be successful advertising.

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