Pilates funtion for mind and body


Pilates is one of the most popular fitness sports in the early 20th century. The type of exercise developed by physicist Joseph Pilates. According to him there is a close relationship between mental and physical. But as time goes by, this sport is experiencing a slight decline of fans.

Who would have thought, in recent years, pilates again find fans again. Sports fitness this one is on the rise end of this end. Even in some gyms, Pilates already has experienced instructors. Interesting right?

Pilates sport requires some special equipment that is supportive of certain movement movements. Even if you do not have the equipment, you can still start with other light equipment. Eg take advantage of tables, chairs, and elastic balls.

Type of Sports Pilates

Pilates or also known as Contrology is more emphasis on the pilator to be able to control physical fitness in doing. By type, pilates is divided into two types, namely:

    Mat Based Pilates

Pilates of this type more emphasis on activities that are done on the floor directly. The orientation is more on the combination of the gravity of the earth that leads down with your body weight in doing the movement.

    Equipment Based Pilates

While on equipment based pilates, this type of method more use of supporting equipment to do pilates itself.

Pilates exercise is also a fairly simple sport to do, as well as flexing the body as in the benefits of flexibility exercise that can stretch the muscles in the body, here are the benefits of pilates for the body:

    Increase Concentration

Concentration is needed when you do pilates exercise. Indeed, in doing the movement, you do not just move the limbs such as hands and feet. There are certain method methods that you must master before pilates. So you should first find references and around information about pilates, before pilates. This is related to the implementation of the target of the use of pilates itself.

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No different from other sports, concentration is the main focus in this type of sport. As in badminton, the benefit of playing badminton is not much realized by many people is to increase the level of concentration in the brain. In addition, the addition of drinking water or mineral water can also make the brain think more specific as the benefits of drinking lots of water.

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