Powercolor always provides best Graphics Card option


Packaging from the PowerColor Devil R9 390X always comes with special and different designs from other PowerColor series. What features are available in the sales package? Here's the full list

Usually Devil series comes with a "fierce" design and looks muscular. But the Devil R9 390X looks a little different. Although it still looks dashing, the hybrid cooling system it uses this time makes it look a little more "friendly", different from the previous Devil Series. Impress the Devil Series video card which is usually black red themed no longer present on this video card. There is only a black silver theme with striking "Devil" branding.

The exclusive and unique appearance of the PowerColor Devil R9 390X 8 GB is also supported by the use of high-quality choice components. One of them is the use of Multi Phases VRM components (6 + 1 + 1 Phases). This component is able to present the supply of electrical power to the GPU to be more efficient and stable and claimed to be able to deliver the performance and efficiency of the gpu.

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PowerColor also implements Platinum PowerKIT which is a component embedded in the card such as International Rectifier's MOSFET PowIRstage which is capable of handling electric currents of up to 50 amps or 2.5x better than conventional MOSFETs. Not only that, PowerColor also uses a Digital PWM chip to regulate electricity supply more precisely and stably while increasing efficiency up to 90%. Not to miss, PowerColor Devil R9 390X 8 GB is also equipped with solid capacitor and choke components so the durability is maximized.

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