preventing acne before your big holiday


Living the fast of Ramadan means that dietary routines change. The shift in food and water intake becomes lower due to the fasting that occurs during these 30 days causing the skin to lose moisture and elasticity. It can make skin look dull and tired.

But Ramadan does not mean letting your skin go hungry too. To keep skin healthy and shine even when fasting, here are five easy tips that can be done before the big holiday:

1. Clean from Makeup

Ramadan can be one of the perfect times for you to pause for a while from the makeup and heavy makeup on the face. Take this holy month as an opportunity to give your skin a break from the harmful chemicals commonly found in cosmetics.

2. Drinking Water

Drinking eight glasses of water between breaking the fast and  can also make your skin more radiant. Water will not only make you avoid dehydration but also can moisturize the skin. Drinking enough water will also help you feel full longer. Not soda and juice but water can be the right drink to keep the condition of the body remains excellent during fasting.

3. Skin Care

Cleanser, exfoliate, and toner can be your facial care routine from now on. During Ramadan, make sure you do the skin care well. Sunlight and heat allow the pores of the facial skin to open, so that all three skin treatments can help avoid acne so your skin keeps clean when Eid comes.

4. Fiber Rich Food Consumption

Eating fiber-rich foods can also help improve the skin. From fruits and vegetables to nuts and fish, as well as essential oils is a group of foods that can act as a healer and maintain healthy skin.

5. Yogurt

Not only helps in digestion, yogurt is a protein-rich food that nourishes your skin. Consumed at dawn and break the fast or as a face mask, Yogurt can play a role to make skin look healthy and not look dull.

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