Programming your portal remote control


Of course, you have already heard about the switch gate remote control. What is it really about and how to program it? Decryption.

The switch gate remote control: the essentials in a few words...

The gate remote control with switch as its name indicates it is a remote control which has switches. If you open the case, you see a room composed of mini switches, called switches. Depending on the model, the number of switches varies from 8 to 12. It is the combination of the positions of these small switches that creates the unique code that allows you to control your electric gate.

This means that remote controls with switch programming are interchangeable between them if they have the same number of switches and the same frequency.

Programming by switch

Dips switches are small switches located inside your remote control. To successfully program its garage remote control, you must reproduce the same code as your old remote control.

Programming a new switch remote control is not complicated. To start, use the old remote control, which is already programmed. Open it and then open your new remote control as well. Using a screwdriver, place after the switches of the new remote control in the same position as those of your original remote control. This will allow you to reproduce the same combination.

Then, insert the battery (respecting the polarities) then close the two boxes. You only have to test the proper operation of your new remote control.

What if you lost the old remote?

Even if you no longer have the old remote control, you can still easily program your new rf remote control. First, open your remote control and receiver. Next, position the switches on the new remote control in the same way as those on the receiver (again, you will need a screwdriver).

Here we go, your new remote is ready to use!

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