Quadropus Rampage: mobile gaming reviews


Quadropus Rampage does not use human as the main character in the story . Instead of using a creature with an incredible level of intelligence , the player will be given a squid as a playable characters. Yes , this is a squid that can walk upright . It is said that the players have to take him to the depths of the ocean to beat Pete , sea king who became a major figure in Quadropus Rampage antagonist .

Game mechanics are extremely simple and guaranteed to make anyone addictive . Players are only assigned to destroy all the enemies in an area of ​​the game . The enemies are marine animals with unusual strength . At the beginning of the game , you will be given a weapon like tennis racket . When all opponents successfully " tamed " , the doors will open to the next level . Of course , the type of enemy will be more and more powerful .

One of the things that make me laugh is currently looking at various types of weapons are available . Tennis racket with a strange name can be replaced with a gun or a cotton bud with attack power and special effects are stronger . Yes , the weapons are supplied very strange and does not fit with the original function . In addition to looking for a powerful weapon , players can also improve other basic status using the orb that is collected each time when beating the enemy .

Although the game will be completed once the health point of squid have been exhausted , players are guaranteed to play back from the beginning without any boredom . Because the situation is always changing game area although we have come to him many times . Unfortunately , the character movement is still relatively stiff because some corners that can not be reached when attacking or running .

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