Review The Last of Us – Left Behind: DLC games for PS3


Left Behind is a chapter , where you finally have the opportunity to delve deeper into Ellie's life as the main protagonist . In The Last of Us , Ellie was positioned as the central character is told as the only way out to get out of a potential human extinction due to the increasingly widespread Cordyceps attack . The dynamics of the relationship with Joel performing is like a father and a friend at the same time making Ellie perform as a character that is so easy to love. However, he also still has so much mystery . One of the biggest ? The figure of the friend - Riley .

Ellie really had to mention the name " Riley " on Joel in the first series , to explain tragedies like what he had to go through as a human being immune to the spores of Cordyceps . Left Behind is present as a more complete description of the figure of Riley , and his relationship with Ellie before she met Joel . Riley is the closest friend who had just left Ellie in his quest to become a member of Firefly . Back in the night startled , Riley and Ellie who have long missed , decided to have a little fun . Riley bringing her to a mall that has been long abandoned , in order to enjoy all the rides there , than just play games , listen to music and dance , to enjoy the carousel . A luxury that is hard to come by in the middle of the world to destruction .
Left Behind contains two different stories in the forward and reverse flow . One of them is about the relationship between Ellie and her best friend - Riley .

But Left Behind was not only focused on the past Ellie and Riley , but also offers a side plot to cover up the holes in the story The Last of Us first . Do you remember the scene Joel dying and almost died because of the accident ? For reasons that are not clear , gamers will be taken straight plays Ellie who at that time , already armed with arrows and struggling to get food for Joel that trying to survive with the condition treated , although limited . Left Behind also explores the gap , give some idea what kind of trouble to go through Ellie to make sure he is no longer lost people he loved .

So , what kind of relationship is built between Ellie and Riley ? What kind of difficulties that must be passed to ensure Joel Ellie still alive ? Left Behind , through reciprocation groove , will help you get the answers of all these mysteries .

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