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Just like its predecessor , Shadowrun Returns tells the story of a futuristic world . Technology and magic mixed into one in 2057 . Not only ordinary people who lived in the fantasy world of this game . Orcs , elves , dwarfs , trolls even exist in it and also coexist . you, as a mercenary who works to complete any mission and any way to keep it alive . The main character will work to find the identity of the Emerald City Ripper , perpetrators of serial murder which also involves his old friend , Sam Watts .

The main character you can customize as you wish , ranging from the choice of race ( race ) , occupation (job ) , abilities ( skills) , and appearance ( appearance) . In fact , players are also given the freedom to choose the style of speech when interacting with other characters . This is certainly reminiscent of games such as role-playing Neverwinter Nights series . At least , there are six job provided : Mage , Street Samurai , Decker , Shaman , Rigger , and Physical Adept with different attributes status at the start of the game . Interestingly , the selection will not be limited skills when the player has taken a particular job . For example, when the main character is a Street Samurai is certainly an expert in close combat , he can also learn the skills of job Shaman like firebolt . Each skill can be learned by using karma points that can be found throughout the game .

The system used is the same game with the Shadowrun game that was first released in 1989 . Concepts isometric role-playing is certainly becoming a regular thing for the game de - with this genre. The developer added a turn-based battle system that is mixed with the isometric concept , so that the system becomes a special game . This game became a role-playing game in the style of a game like one of the famous RPG game , namely XCOM : Enemy Unknown .

Party held gaming system is somewhat unusual . In contrast to role-playing games in general , this game does not have a permanent party member . At the time of going on a mission that requires players to do battle , the player can recruit party fixer always provide other mercenaries . Once the mission is completed , the party who had been recruited earlier will disappear . If a player wants a team with the same party in the previous mission , the player must re- sign him through a fixer .

Options conversation also looks quite varied . In certain missions , you do not always have to pass through a guard to take up arms , but could be by paying a sum of money . The other option is you can take a certain skill to add to the conversation options when interacting with NPCs .

Returns must be recognized that Shadowrun does not have a graphic quality that can be compared with current games . Keep in mind , the quality of graphics in role-playing games are not the main thing . The story and the style of play it is something that is absolute for each game of this genre .

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