sit up training by using ball


Most of you usually do sit ups wrongly, therefore we always prefer to call it crunch from the sit-ups, because this movement should maximize abdominal muscle contraction and isolate it so that the result is really maximal.

The wrong motion is when you fall asleep or lie on the floor or chair or balls of medicine, then when your positive movements are as strong as lifting your body up to the upright sitting position, so loosen your abdominal muscles contractions, whereas continuous contractions are essential in isolation exercises. Besides this wrong movement will actually be more about your lower back than on your stomach.
The correct movement - instead do above the stability or medicine ball.

>> Place your feet on the floor.

>> Position the back straight above the ball, look at the ceiling.

>> The correct positive movement is a quarter of reps, imagine as if you want to touch your chin to the ceiling. So do not sit up straight.

>> Back to the original position, repeat again while maintaining contraction of the abdominal muscles.

>> Do as much as possible until failure, 3 sets is enough to 'burn' your lower abdominal muscles.

For beginners should be done as much as 10 to 12 counts in 1 set. The most important thing in this exercise is breathing. Do not forget to catch your breath as you rise and exhale, do not hold your breath.

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