is there any effect side effect fro stopping to do fitness routine?


Have you ever heard of this myth ?. "The A when his fitness athletic really, but after stop fitness he gets fat". Sometimes this myth raises the doubt in you to start fitness, the fear appears in you if you will like the A overweight at the time of stop fitness. To answer this question we need to know what the muscles and fat are.

"Muscles are a network in the human body or animal that serves as an active motion device that moves human bones, muscles can develop and shrink in accordance with activities done by humans or animals"

"Fat is a macro nutrient that has an important role for the body to store excess energy derived from daily food"

Muscles and fats are two different materials, muscles can not turn into fat, fat can not become muscle. The obvious difference between muscle and fat can be seen from the understanding of both. Muscles and fats are two different body tissues. Both are equally unchangeable to each other.

The main factor in changing the shape of the body of a person who stopped fitness is caused by the following 3 reasons:

1. The human body type

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Humans have 3 types of common body types, ectomorph (thin), endomorph (fat), and mesomorph (athletic). If you stop fitness, not all will become fat. You who have the body ectomorph will become thin again because your muscles will experience shrinkage because no longer trained, ectomorph body type is the body type hard to store fat, so the body will become thin again. As for the body of endomorph and mesomorph when stop fitness then most likely your body will become fat again because your muscles shrink, and your fat increases.

2. Diet

What often happens is when you stop fitness, your diet is initially regularly become irregular again. You eat just about anything, both high-fat, low-fat, high-sugar, and unhealthy meals. This whole thing triggers the accumulation of fat, especially supported with your fat stove in the form of muscle has decreased its ability to burn fat due to experience shrinkage because it was never trained.

3. Age

This age is closely related to the body's metabolism, the increasing age decreases your metabolism. Actually with weightlifting you can restart your metabolism boost at any age. However, because you quit fitness, then supported with an incorrect diet, it will trigger the accumulation of fat that is not controlled and eventually cause a fattening.

Human body muscle is like a fat burning stove. If the stove dies, in which case the muscle shrinks because it is not trained, the muscle loses its ability to burn fat. As a result of your body's metabolism in converting fat into energy will decrease and fat that can not be burned by muscles will accumulate in all parts of the body. For you type ectomorph body fat builders tend to occur around the abdomen, you are still thin but bloated.

So we can draw the conclusion that stop fitness is going to happen  . But this is influenced by several interrelated factors. But muscle myths will turn into fat is a myth that is not true because muscles and fat are two different tissues and can not change each other.

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