Things that might happen when you do diet


In order to get the ideal weight, not a few people who are determined to change the pattern of his life, especially by applying a diet, regardless of what type of diet he does. It's just that, in some people, things that are unwanted and silly tend to actually happen when they are on a diet. Anything? see more here 14 day rapid fat loss plan

When the diet goes, the fat in the stomach, arms, and calves may begin to decrease. However, in some people, other parts of the body such as the cheek can actually become more chubby fat. According to Leona Victoria Djajadi nutritionist, fat accumulation is an inevitable genetic factor.

Well, to eliminate the fat in the hard part-sported way that can be done is to lose total fat in the body. However, if the accumulation of fat in the inaccessible part of this age is relatively young, there is still a period of growth. Furthermore strict dieting without medical objectives clearly poses long-term risks such as anemia, osteoporosis, and fertility disorders.

Weight loss that comes down Leona said it can make skin sagged because the skin can not follow the decline. Therefore he suggests a maximum weight reduction of two kg per week.

"For tightening you can exercise to the gym or wear a corset because the idea is the same as the person after childbirth, the corset can be used at home or while exercising," said Victoria.

Diet suddenly stopped

"When trying to lose weight, many people who stuck or diet stalled suddenly in the stagnant or plateu because the body has adjusted to the conditions of diet and exercise routine," said Victoria.

In order for the diet to keep running, Leona suggests consumption of protein and carbohydrates remain met. Therefore, the lack of protein and carbohydrate consumption actually makes the body trying to maintain muscle cells so as not wasted and damaged so that metabolism disrupted. Do not forget to also vary the form of exercise is done.

The result remains zero

If anyone has tried a variety of diets but the results remain zero alias zero, according to Victoria the problem could be on the main reason the person concerned to lose weight.

"If the reason for fear of disease of the importance level and commitment to change the diet will be higher urgency .If there is a commitment and intent to lose weight, do not make a burden.Create a change in eating as a form of lifestyle changes and not coercion," said Victoria.

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