Things at restaurant contributing to fat storage


Occasionally eating out will not make you gain weight. But your weight loss diet will not work if you repeatedly make a mistake in ordering food at the restaurant.

Here are 5 mistakes that you often do when eating in restaurants that can make you fat, as reported by huffingtonpost, Monday (31/12/2012), among others:

1. Too much take on mayonnaise sauce
Mayonnaise sauce is often served with salads or pasta that can taste the taste of food. But mayonnaise sauce contains fat and high calorie which is one of the reasons why eating in restaurants can make you gain weight. Instead of using mayonnaise sauce, choose a healthier food toping such as olive oil.

2. Order the food served in a large plate
The elite restaurants usually serve large platters and large portions to satisfy customers. The thing that can make you fat is when you have enough satiety but feel pity to leave delicious and expensive food.

3. The origin of the message of eating regardless of calories
You need to be more selective in choosing the food menu in the restaurant, as some foods are sometimes served with ingredients such as cream or butter that contain fat and high calorie. It's good if you ask the waiter about the food composition listed in the menu to calculate the number of calories.

4. Tempted with a flavorful salad toping
Steamed vegetables are very good for health because of the fiber content and antioxidant substances. However, when the vegetables are served in a salad and added with a flavored cream toping, the healthy benefits of the vegetables will be lost as they lose with the fat and sugar contained in the cream.

5. Easily tempted with the dessert view
Desserts offered by the restaurant are usually sweet pastries served with a beautiful and seductive look. But the cake contains too much sugar and high calorie that can thwart your diet. Limit yourself to not easily tempted by the look of dessert and think again before reaching it.

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