the training effectively for your middle back muscle


Did you know Reps Mania, that in the back muscle itself is composed of 3 parts of muscles that are defined separately. These three muscle arrangements consist of latissimus dorsi, middle back (Infraspinatus & Teres Major), and lower back. When talking about exercise techniques of the three back muscles, of course, each muscle has a different pattern of exercise between one back muscles with other back muscles. But if you want to focus on 1 day of back training, you can combine it according to the program you specify. But on this occasion, Reps will reveal to you about 6 tips effective exercise for your middle back muscle.

It's time for Reps mate to show the performance of your middle back muscles become sharply defined with thick and perfect muscle clumps. There's no need to doubt you to execute it if you really want to get the maximum mid-back muscle results, so just do it and put in your workout ...
Close Grip Bent Over Row

    Adjust the vertical bar position below between the legs, with the loaded plate plate before you start to execute the movement.
    Grasp the bar using both hands with your leg slightly bent and the body bent, but keep in mind that your back waist attitude is always locked. This is your initial attitude to start executing the movement.
    Pull / lift the bar toward the chest followed by taking a breath. After that exhale and return to the starting position.
    Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

Continuing to the next movement, this time you are required to perform a movement similar to the no. 1, it's just that you do it with one hand in turn. This movement is called "One Arm Bent Over Row"

    Grasp the end of the bar restriction with the right hand, while the position of the bar is still placed vertically. Besides, put your left hand on the knee to keep your body balance.
    Then pull the bar like you want to saw a wood slowly. Concentrate the movement on the contraction of the back muscles.
    After that, exhale and restore as the original position, do 12-15 reps in 3 sets or according to your needs.

Reverse Grip Incline Bench Barbell Row

Moving to the next movement that is, Reverse grip incline bench barbell row. A component movement that concerns some additional muscle parts, such as biceps and shoulders. For the technique:

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    Lay down your body on the incline bench, but before that put a bar with the load already set right in front of your body.
    Grasp the pre-set bar with your hands in reverse grip.
    Drag the bar to the pit of your heart, although this movement includes compound exercises, but keep concentrating your movement on your back muscles.
    Then lower back and prepare for the next repetition. Do 12-15 reps in 3 sets with a load that suits your ability.

Surely you agree, if this movement is similar to dumbbell rowing. And on the essence of his theory "Smith Machine One Arm Row" is the same as with the dumbbell row movement, but the tools are different.

    Put yourself in the Smith machine, and set the bar height to lower.
    Next set your body position with a body bent while holding the bar smith machine that has been set its height to be lower.
    Drag the bar to waist level. Then lower it slowly to continue to the next repetition.
    Do as many as 12-15 reps in 3 sets. Use the load from the lightest first.

Inverted Row

When finished with the movement of Smith Machine Row, Now it's time for our Reps friend to invite techniques that may be a bit complicated and enough to drain your sweat. Yups "Inverted Row" or technique rely on a bar with body position aligned. You can do it on a Smith Machine or a rack bar that is not too high, then also include flat bench as a footrest to support the performance of your exercise movement. The way of training is as follows:

    Hang your body by grabbing the bar and leaning your legs on a flat bench (flat bench).
    Then pull your body up and take a breath. Then hold it for a moment and lower it slowly.
    Do as many as 10-12 reps in 3 sets.

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