the tricks to building muscle fast and effecttively


Everyone knows that building muscle body can not be done instantly. It takes some process to go through. The main foundation is with a strategy to regulate the intake of nutrients that enter the body, as well as programmed exercises for the purpose of building muscle can be achieved. But with proper exercise and nutrition, it is not impossible that you can build muscle quickly. Here are some tips you should know to build muscle quickly:
Learn about the calories you need for muscle growth

How many calories do you need each day? You need to know that the body's caloric needs depend on several factors, such as; Gender, weight, age and lifestyle that includes daily activities. The heavier the activity, the more calories the body needs. However, the quality of calories in question is good quality calories, no fat, high sugar, oily and so forth.

In general, how to measure calorie needs is by following steps:

    Height is reduced by 100, for example, 170 - 100 = 70
    The result is minus 10%, for example 10% of 70 is 7, then the result is 63. This figure shows the tolerant weight of the person whose height 170 is 63-70 kg.
    Later it was multiplied by 25 for women, and 30 for men, for example for women 63 multiplied by 25 outcomes 1,575, for men 63 multiplied by 30 the results were 1,890. The figure shows the number of caloric needs of men and women with height 170 cm.
    The final result is added 20%, for example 20% of 1,575 is 315, while 20% of 1,890 is 378, then if added total calorie requirement is 1890 and for men equal to 2,268.
    The results are divided into 3 meals and 2 times a snack in one day.

Focus on the large muscle groups of your body

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The body consists of large muscles and small muscles. Both are very important to be trained. However, research (recent research suggests that the training of large muscle groups can trigger muscle building processes and enable it to develop larger muscles. Large groups of which are chest, back and legs. Make sure you train large muscle groups during programmed in a week, and do not forget to train small muscles on the sidelines of your workout.
Hack your muscles with a load

After practice with the load, it's good if you raise the load gradually. If the first week you practice with a bench press 15 kg, the next week add weight to your bench press. No need too heavy, for example 5 kg on each side. Then add again in the next week, and so on. It is intended to deceive your muscles to grow faster and grow. Practicing with the same load for a long time will make your muscles get used to it and the stuck does not grow bigger. This method is effective in building muscle in a short span of time.
Change your regular exercise routine

If you've come to the gym three times a week and trained your two muscles, try to change the routine by practicing 6 times a week but focus on one part of the muscle only. Suppose you do biceps and chest exercises on Monday, then you should try triceps exercises on the third day of the week. Regular exercise can help you get more pressure on the biceps muscles, triceps and other muscles that allow your body to develop muscle fibers.
Use Supplements

These days supplements are no longer scarce items that are hard to come by. Types and brands are increasingly emerging in the market. In this case fitness supplements are needed in the business of muscle formation. When you build muscle, you need more protein than usual, and if you only rely on it from food, countless how much food you should eat right? That's the point of supplements, that is adequate nutrients that the body and muscles need to grow.

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