TRX training the benefits for body


The need for body work, triggering the development of sports. One of them which is currently popular around the world, including Indonesia is TRX sport. This sport can be an alternative for those who are bored with weight lifting.
TRX History

The TRX exercise was created by a member of the US Navy, Randy Hetrick. The idea of ​​this exercise emerged when he lived in a submarine and lacked exercise equipment, as well as limited space for practice. He then uses some of the parachute and karate belts to create a TRX prototype, which you can see today.
What is TRX

TRX or so-called Total Body Resistance Exercise Suspension Training is an exercise method that uses its own weight as a burden.
The benefits you practice using TRX

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    Effectively burns more calories in the body.
    Optimally train the muscles of the body, such as the abdomen and shoulders compared to other types of sports.
    Makes the backbone power more stable.
    Increases metabolism, strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.

You can earn a variety of TRX benefits if done regularly and correctly. It's important to avoid mistakes while doing this sport because you will lose the benefit or even cause injury. Garson Grant, Trainer at The Sports Center of New York City gives some tips to avoid mistakes while doing this sport:

1. Started the wrong way.

Starting the movement with the wrong body position, ie when the body is too far from the door hook or rope buffer, can cause disruption to the muscles and bones of the body.

2. Stay firm.

When we start to feel tired, most people will be hard to focus on supporting his body on the rope. If you are careless and then loosen the body parts of the rope, the risk of injury to the bottom of the back lurks. In order to avoid injury, pay attention to your body's alignment. When you are in a plank position, for example, the position of the ankle, knee, hip must remain straight and parallel to the ear. This is a safe position for you to do.

3. Scratches on the skin.

When performing TRX, chest press movements are the ones that most often make your skin hurt. Automatically, you will put a leash and straight on your skin. To avoid this, look for ways to prevent the strap from directly affecting your skin. Make a little adjustment, move your hands up several inches to avoid direct friction rope.

4. Check the condition of the rope.

Straps that are not strong and can not stretch the maximum will make the results of the exercise to be not optimal. As a result the muscles of the body can not work completely, until the results obtained are not maximal. Make sure to always do a rope check before starting this sport and adjust to your body position.

5. Stop suddenly

When the exercise begins to feel heavy or too fast, the body will normally react suddenly to stop the movement. It is not recommended. Instead, you stop gradually, like by shifting one leg or hand alternately and slowly. This method aims to reduce the load support when doing TRX.

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