The Walking Dead – Survival Instinct: Zombies games for PC


Most of the series of Western movie lovers would be familiar with the name of The Walking Dead. Zombie apocalypse-themed drama is indeed one of the most popular movie series of the most anticipated. Birth of comics, video game version - Walking Dead released episodically by Telltale also carries quality that is almost identical. Bring conflict and intrigue relationship between the human survivors in a world that has fallen apart, Walking Dead Telltale version is recognized as one of the game's best ending to a successful launch of the emotions for many gamers. With the success of these three media, it is not surprising that the action version- The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is really demanded by gamers. The wait is finally to end in disappointment.

Almost all gamers who had followed the movie series The Walking Dead certainly idolized and dreamed of a role as Daryl Dixon. In contrast to most of the other characters involved in the drama, Daryl is a badass character that represents not hesitate to take risks to survive. The opportunity to portray this guy finally showed up in the latest series of games released by Terminal Reality and Activision this time.

You will be in action in the timeline before the events in The Walking Dead season one. For starters, you will act as Dixon's father told the middle of hunting along with his friends. This short tutorial gives some idea of ​​the horror that you find. Walker was killed in the attack, you will take over the role of Daryl Dixon in his attempt to escape to Atlanta. The long journey began. Running away from the pursuit of a dangerous Walker, Dixon also should look for a variety of materials needs to survive during his escape, from food to fuel for cars. Adventure filled nightmare began.

Can Daryl Dixon and his brother - Merle Dixon reach this goal? What kind of challenges will they face? All the answers to these questions you can get by playing The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct...

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