What else bugs people about this practice


In sports, everything is controversial. Retiring athlete jerseys is no different. Some jersey wholesalers specialize in offering retired jerseys due to their special importance, but wholesale jerseys are wildly sought-after with sports supporters long before honorary retirements are in the cards.
Retiring a jersey is an old practice intended to honor a player's experience. That's what gets the disputes going. What, exactly, deserves the recognition? Some teams have set requirements and some seem to make the decision on an ad hoc basis. Statistics obviously serve a part; an player has to have shown a soaring level of excellence and achievement. Honors are another standard. Gaining an MVP award assists in elevating the athlete's status. Team achievement matters, too: while a quality player who has consistently been on a losing team may still be recognized with a retirement celebration, it certainly helps if the team has performed well.
Other criteria come into play also. Connection is Shaquille O'Neal Kids Jersey one of them. Connection to the team and to the community through philanthropic work and involvement are important. nuances are part of the decision to retire a jersey: players may simply be adored by the locals and "great guys" as well as super performers. Sometimes, a player's life story motivates the team to take a jersey out of play. Untimely illness or death at the height of a career can result in retiring the jersey, never to be worn again.
These different criteria, however, are an aspect of the source for dispute. Which athlete is chosen and when may seem to be determined willy- nilly. Some NFL teams have retired few jerseys and some have retired many. The NBA looks the same way. Women's programs have very rarely taken a jersey out of play and then, only in recent times. Alana Beard from Duke was the female basketball player at the university to have her basketball http://www.officialheatprostore.com/authentic-10-tim-hardaway-jersey.html jersey honored and that did not occur until 2004.
What else bugs people about this practice? Jersey wholesalers could speak volumes of sports figures who opposed having their numbers retired and whose wholesale jersey sales were more robust Steve Francis Blue Jersey when the numbers were being played. Some want to see their own record of excellence go on and are proud to view their jerseys and their numbers on the backs of new young athletes in the league. Fans have proposed honoring the jerseys but keeping the numbers alive, a compromise that might be acceptable. Some sportscasters and fans don't like the whole system and think statistics and character should be self-evident.
Retirement ceremonies are likely here to stay. Sports thrive on controversies in all events. No reason controversy should exclude the harmless jersey. Jersey wholesalers, retailers, speciality http://www.authenticrocketsshop.com/authentic-1-tracy-mcgrady-jersey.html shops and wholesale jerseys onlinesales will benefit from the practice and in the end, so will most sports enthusiasts.

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