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Cardio is an important part of your workout routine. This will keep your heart healthy, increase your metabolism, and make you sweat. However, just doing cardio or doing too much cardio can actually add to the problem. Doing cardio with a 90 minute treadmill or walking with a distance of 10 miles can gnaw the body of your muscle mass. Too much cardio exercise will also make you vulnerable to overeating.

Not Doing Weight
This is closely related to point number 3. Not that you should not at all do cardio. If you mean to lose weight, then the best exercise to make it happen is by doing cardio exercises. But, do you want your body to be just skinny without being adorned with muscles all over your body? Yes, for that is very important for you to do weight training. If you balance between cardio workout and weight lifting, then the fat will burn faster. Thus, muscles will also appear along with the reduction in body fat.

If you decide to reduce cardio exercise and start doing weight training, then add a few short exercise intervals. This will give a brief shock which will also force the muscles to contract and increase their mass. You also need to do bodyweight exercises like push-ups, lunges, and squats to start your weight training.

You Do Not Give Rest to Recover
If you do exercises for a particular body program or body part, then the next day you should really do the exercises with different muscle groups. There are times when you also have to stop doing the exercises in a full day. Post-exercise recovery is just as important as you practice. It aims to give the muscle a chance to shape or recuperate after you put heavy pressure on it. That way, then you will be able to increase the muscle mass you want.
Your Body Is Under Too Much Stress

Exercise is the same as you stress your body. When you balance stress with recovery time, then it can burn excess fat in your body. However, if you do not provide post-exercise rest, then it even has a negative impact. You will begin to produce a number of stress hormones or commonly known as koristols. If the level of the coronal is normal, then it is very important to support the process of muscle building and your energy when exercising.

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However, if the number of corps is too much, then it will actually cause a bad impact and cause fat deposits that you do not realize. The only thing that causes coronary hormones to increase not only happen when overtraining, but also when you stress with your personal life. For that, you must keep your condition so as not to stress and cause the high production of the gun.

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