What foods to avoid when you wanna go to sleep


Believe it or not, what you eat before bed can affect the quality of your sleep. Most people when sleeplessness, will choose to eat.

There is nothing wrong with a little dinner before bed. Just keep in mind, snack you eat should be under 200 calories and contains no caffeine.

These are some of the foods that you should avoid before bed so do not make you fat, disrupting your sleep or harm your health.

1. Butter
Eating peanut butter or peanut butter before bed can make your weight go up. But do not worry, you can replace it with a glass of unsweetened almond milk. Almond milk contains calcium that will help you sleep better and calm your nerves. To get the sweet flavor of almond milk, you can add cinnamon in it. It is much healthier than eating jam and butter.

2. Candy
Recent research found that 7 out of 10 people who eat candy before bedtime will bring nightmares. Sweets high in sugar and can produce brain waves that cause you to have nightmares.

3. Ice cream
The ice cream is delicious and nutritious food, but it becomes worse when you eat before bed. The ice cream is packed with fat that is digested at a slower rate makes you susceptible to high fat and sugar cause you prone to nightmares. Instead of eating ice cream try drinking a glass of milk without sugar because it is more healthy.

4. Chips
Spot chips could make it difficult to stop eating, this is why it is not suitable chips consumed at night. Replace your snacks with raw vegetables such as carrots, red peppers and almonds. In addition, studies show that chips and soda provides empty calories which means it has no health benefits at all.

5. Red meat
Not recommended eating red meat before bed because it is difficult to digest. After all, eating red meat at night can make you easily cramping. In addition, red meat also has a higher insulin response and may increase the risk of diabetes type 2. You can try other alternatives to eating boiled eggs rather than red meat.

6. Pizza
Hunger at night does make you be tempted to order a pizza. However, you need to know, the tomato sauce on the pizza layer contains high acidity which can cause acid reflux. Plus topping oily can make your heartburn. As a result, you will not get quality sleep.

7. Chocolate
Chocolate does not contain a lot of fat, chocolate and caffeine, but chocolate contains stimulants such as theobromine that keep you awake all night. The researchers even say that chocolate is not good to eat right before bed.

8. Pasta
Yes, pasta is packed with carbohydrates and has a lot of calories, tend to make your waist stretchy. Eat pasta before bed will increase your insulin levels. Not a good thing because about 80 percent of fat burning hormones are released during sleep.

9. Too much fruit
Eat fruit with a portion right before bed is great, however, excessive consumption could create a problem in your gut.

10. Cereals
Eating cereal before bed can also make you fatter because the cereals contain sugar levels are high enough, so it is less consumed before bed.

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