Know the terms supersets? You may have heard of a personal trainer, or from hardcore gymmer. Supersets is a technique that performs two sequential movement with no rest after first movement. That is, this time you do a chest fly directly after the bench press, rather than resting a few minutes.

What makes supersets superior? First, a superset is much more efficient; You could sum up your workout time in half with the same intensity-assuming you do not have to wait long to use the next tool. Another advantage, the superset can also boost stamina. The study, published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that patterns of exercise without a break (such as supersets and circuit training) increases the heart rate so that the force of the heart muscles .

But of course, these techniques are not perfect. Superset technique, both used for the same or opposite muscle, lose muscle strength are trained. That is, when you do a biceps curl superset (biceps) and triceps pushdown (triceps), the burden of which is able to use when the second movement (triceps pushdown) to be lower than usual. This is because the triceps muscles also work when you do a biceps curl, so less energy reserves left to do triceps pushdown.

The technique, explained

So, after understanding the principles behind superset, of course you are interested to try it. Well, there are two kinds of superset common in gym:

1. Supersets for opposing muscle groups / different. This is the kind of superset of safe, because less likely you run out of energy in the middle of the second movement, and efficient in terms of time. This is because, when you perform the second movement, the muscle that you first train is at rest (this phenomenon is called active recovery. Examples of this superset-apart biceps curl and triceps extenstion above-leg exercise after exercise is the chest or abdominal training after shoulder exercises.

2. Supersets for the same muscle group. It's good you are accompanied by a personal trainer / friend while doing a superset of this type, because it is very tiring and-therefore-increases the risk of injury. However, this type of superset promote muscle growth better than its superset of the first kind in above. An example is the bench press followed by chest fly (chest), lateral raise followed by a front raise (shoulders), or curl up followed toes to the sky (abdomen).

Whichever you choose, make sure you are fit enough time to do it, and always lower the burden of the second movement (when using the load).

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