Where to Visit Two Giant Candy Canes in 14 Days Of 'Fortnite'


In honor of the holiday season, the team at Epic Games has introduced the 14 Days of Fortnite event into the battle royale game mode. The event rewarding players for finishing challenges all by means of the event, having a new challenge going reside every single day. And now the event has come to the second day. 

This time, you are becoming asked to visit giant candy canes in unique areas spread across the map. Here's where to discover every in the giant candy canes in Fortnite. Also, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can buy Fortnite Items from U4GM.com.

Where to visit the giant candy canes in Fortnite?

You can find four giant candy canes scattered all through the Fortnite Battle Royale map. Tracking them all down requires a little of browsing, but as luck would have it, we've encountered every single of your giant candy cane locations already. Here's what we've discovered:

On a hill just north on the Wailing Woods forest

Atop the mountain on the east portion of Shifty Shafts

Inside the southern location with the map, east from the river and west of Fatal Fields

Within the Iceberg biome, north with the newly added Frosty Flights.

Understand that you only want to take a look at two out from the four total giant candy canes spread across the Fortnite map as a way to full the challenge. As soon as two giant candy cane areas have been discovered and also the challenge has been completed, you will acquire your massive prize for the day two challenges: The Festive Firefight loading screen. 

The loading screen showcases an intense wintry battle in between a few of Fortnite’s most iconic holiday-themed skins. The new looading screen also features the infamous snowball launcher. With every single of your giant candy cane areas revealed, players need to know exactly where to search to full the challenge. 

What are the next days challenges and rewards?

Day 1

Teams of 33

Classic (Unvaulted)

Day 2

Teams of 33

Siphon (Solo – No Heals)

Day 3

Team Terror (50 v 50 – Two teams battle while cube monsters continually join the fight)

Icey (Solo)

Day 4

Team Terror (50 v 50)

Barebones (Squads – Map, Compass, Storm Timer, and HUD are removed)

Day 5

Disco Domination (Teams of 32)

Sniper Shootout (Duos)

Day 6

Disco Domination (Teams of 32)

Close Encounters (Squads)

Day 7

Team Rumble (Teams of 24)

Solid Gold (Squads)

Day 8

Team Rumble (Teams of 24)

Score Royale (Squads – earn points for collecting coins, opening loot boxes, using foraged items, and eliminating other players. First tot he score limit wins.)

Day 9

Food Fight (teams of 16)

Ground Game (Squads – fewer building materials can be carried, and max ammo is limited.)

Day 10

Food Fight (teams of 16)

Sneaky Silencers (Solo)

Day 11

Close Encounters (50 v 50)

Steady Storm (Solo)

Day 12

Close Encounters (50 v 50)

High Explosives 50s (50 v 50)

Day 13

High Explosives 50s (50 v 50)

High Explosives (Squads)

Day 14

High Explosives 50s (50 v 50)

One Shot (Squads – Low gravity, all players have 50 health. Only Sniper weapons and bandages are available)

The specifics had been posted for the FortniteLeaks subreddit as well as the needs for each challenge do not look to be too difficult for most players to achieve. Most need some action to be performed in the game such as hitting another player with a snowball, playing creative mode, going to giant candy canes, or dancing close to Christmas trees. Either way, players will surely have plenty to achieve and to check out within the game from now to the end of the year.

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