Which pergola to choose for my garden?


Pergola creates shade and supports climbing plants. It is a structure that often joins the useful to the pleasant. Discover what you need to know for an optimal choice of your pergola?

Pergola, veranda or arbor?

The pergola is a light construction placed in the garden in order to serve as a support for certain plants and as a bearer of shade and freshness during the sunny moments of summer. This decorative structure is made of wooden, iron or aluminum posts serving as a base for horizontal beams often spaced apart to filter light and provide shade. The roof of a pergola is usually made of wood, fabric or aluminum slats, but it can also accommodate climbing plants. Pergola is usually confused with veranda or arbor. Certainly, there is a similarity between the 3 structures. The arbor stands out especially for its practicality, it is indeed used as an extra shelter and extension of the house at the time of the country receptions or the meals in the open air at the time of the family parties or between friends. The veranda, on the other hand, often stands out as an open and lit extension of the house, although the pergola can also do this work.

Wood remains timeless

As it is a decorative construction, the pergola must be in harmony with the dominant style of the dwelling. If you like the country side while remaining chic and natural, nothing can replace a wooden structure. Treated pine pergolas are the most common, but you can also find other species ranging from acacia to other exotic woods. However, it should be noted that a special treatment is necessary for this type of pergola in order to protect it effectively against humidity, permanent exposure to the sun, possible attacks by wood-boring insects and fungi.

Other materials are in the process of dethroning the wooden pergola

If the wooden pergola remains the most widespread, other materials lend themselves perfectly to this type of construction. The fans of massive structure can, indeed, turn to a wrought iron pergola. Robust and solid, it has no trouble withstanding the elements. It can perfectly be used as an extension of the house, but its fixing requires a well anchored support to the wall or the ground. Protected from corrosion, the custom aluminum pergola is also appreciated for its sleek shape and light weight, especially since it lends itself to modern and customized designs, and some are equipped with long range wireless remote control. Finally, aluminum, light and unalterable, attracts as much by its trendy shape as by its good insulating capacity. Aluminum is also a material that does not require much maintenance and can last over time.

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