Why snacking feel more delicious when you do diet?


When on a diet, occasionally you would want to snack on chocolate cake or other high carbohydrate foods. But have you ever noticed that when you eat it, it feels better than usual? According to a new study from the US, this is no excuse.

A team of researchers from Northwestern University, Illinois have found that people who 'haunted guilt' actually feel whatever they consume will feel more delicious.

The idea of ​​the study itself came up when the lead researcher, Kelly Goldsmith told of her coworkers who claimed to have just used a diet program from Weight Watchers, a company that offers a variety of diet products and weight loss or weight management services based in the US.

Goldsmith remembered well that time his friend said, 'Damn, why does everything (food) taste better when you're on a diet?' "Does that make me feel better when you're on a diet? Does it feel better if you feel guilty when you eat it?

After that the researchers conducted a number of experiments. First, the researchers divided participants into two groups and asked them to observe the covers of six different magazines. Half of the participants were treated to magazine covers related to health but half were only given magazine covers that had nothing to do with health. Then all participants were given chocolate bars.

Uniquely, participants who have just read the article about healthy eating admitted chocolate is more delicious than the chocolate eaten participants who do not read the article.

In the second experiment, researchers divided 100 students into three groups and asked them to describe three of their experiences in a number of sentences. The third experience is about whenever participants feel guilty, whenever participants feel disgusted and a picture of three different times that participants choose randomly. Then all participants were given chocolate truffles to eat.

Apparently participants who were asked to relate moments of guilt claiming his chocolate truffle tasted better than the other participants.

But even more surprising, the study published in The Journal of Marketing Research also found that the link between guilt and the pleasure of eating something that does not apply to food alone.

In another experiment, the woman who was made to feel guilty and then shown the profile of a number of handsome men on a dating site actually admitted more impressed and more enjoy when treated to the profile of the men than other participants who are not made to feel guilty.

"Guilt is something to do with fun because often when we feel guilty, at the same time we also experience the pleasure of its own," said Goldsmith as reported by Daily Mail, Tuesday (27/11/2012).

"I think this cognitive relationship can be formed only by what we call repeated coactivation, so when the 'pleasure' is activated then the guilt will also be activated.In the same way in our brain, over time our brains will be connected to it, He concluded.

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