why tauge is recommended for the body


For you to know, vegetables sprout is very rich in nutrients. For every 100 grams of bean sprouts containing energy 50 kcal, calcium 32 mg, potassium 235 mg, iron 897 mg, phosphorus 75 mg, zinc 960 mg folic acid 160 mg, vitamin C 20 mg and vitamin B2 163 mg. Besides useful as a main ingredient for low-calorie dieters, bean sprouts were also efficacious to improve male fertility, anti-cancer, slow the aging process and maintain skin health. Of the various properties, bean sprouts are not recommended for people with uric acid because of its high purine content.

Many variants of this type of vegetables. One of them is alfalfa bean sprouts. Sprouts Alfalfa or medicago sativa can be regarded as a vegetable newcomer. In Indonesia these vegetables can only be found in some leading supermarkets. The crisp and fresh crisp taste is perfect for mixed salads, juices, stir-fry mixes, or as a complement to the main course. This type of sprouts are very rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and content of phytonutrients that are very beneficial to the health of the body.

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Alfalfa is also rich in essential minerals, such as calcium, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, sodium, iodine, iron, selenium, boron and chromium. Substances contained in alfalfa bean sprouts are beneficial to increase endurance, are antioxidants preventing cancer and cardiovascular disease. Tauge variant is also able to overcome allergies, preventing plaque buildup in blood vessels that can cause coronary heart disease. In addition, alfalfa bean sprouts are also rich in fiber that can bind fat and cancer-causing carcinogens in the digestive tract. The high fiber in alfalfa bean sprouts is also useful to prevent constipation.

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