Your spiritual side may affect dieting program


The power of prayer need not be doubted, including in supporting the success of the diet program. According to research, people who are diligent in praying are more able to resist appetite so that it can be more successful in its efforts to lose weight.

For people who believe and believe that the Creator's intervention also determines the success of his diet program, prayer will be very effective increase the chances of success of the diet. In every prayer, it is always the religious words that remind the person to the Creator.

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This is evidenced in an experiment at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Research involving 535 students proves, various forms of religious words can remind someone to the Creator and contribute to determine the success of the diet.

Through an interview session, the students who participated in the experiment were divided into 2 groups based on their beliefs. The first group believes in God's intervention while the second group does not believe so.

All participants are then conditioned to always listen to religious words, which reminds him of the Creator. In addition to composing sentences that are believed to be prayers, the participants are also heard short quotations about religion.

In groups that believe in God's intervention, religious words in both prayer and spiritual message quotes are shown to increase dietary motivation and make the appetite more controllable. When the quoted messages are not related to religion, the appetite returns as before.

But this effect was not observed in a group of participants who did not believe in God's intervention in his diet program. As quoted from Dailymail, Monday (31/10/2011), participants who do not believe do not have extra motivation as well as groups who believe when thinking of the Creator.

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